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Healthy nutritious plants depend on a balanced environment. This balanced depends on the conditions of the biology, chemistry and physics in the soil. The use of products that contain excess salts, heavy metals, or even compounds that contain unnecessary minerals may shift this balance. Use of clean, water soluble nutrients that promote the process of photosynthesis and sugar production is the key to growing healthy, nutritious plants.

Dr. Carey Reams determined the connection between the use of available Calcium and available Phosphorous to increase plant immunity, resistance to disease, and better tolerance to insects and pathogens. In light of consumer demands for decreased use of chemicals, insecticides, pesticides and fungicides in the environment, it becomes common sense to grow a healthier plant with increased nutrients. High Brix Manufacturing is dedicated to the development and distribution of products that meet this need.

All forms of phosphorous in the soil are not the same. Plants absorb minerals that are in water soluble form. The majority of the phosphorous found in the soil is not water soluble but rather in a form referred to as P1 and P2. In order for insoluble phosphorous to metabolize into plant available phosphate, soil conditions, biology activity and electrical conductivity must be ideal. Balance is the key.

High Brix Manufacturing had blended a line of products to use in the garden, greenhouses, and nurseries that contain a balance blend of available phosphate.


Phosphorous is an essential nutrient in the growth of healthy nutritious plants, and the process of photosynthesis to create sugar. Clean, available, water soluble, low salt, free of heavy metals, and efficient are all criteria for the products used on our food supply.



To get your plants off to a healthy, vibrant start, the addition of a clean available phosphate is essential.



This blend contains the benefits of clean, available phosphate, but adds the benefit of an increased amount of potassium.